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Cleaning your Concrete Driveway

concrete driveway repairConcrete driveways can attract more oil stains, mud, and grime because of its porous concrete material. A power washer can clean it effectively however, it can also speed up the deterioration of the concrete, can be expensive, and just plain difficult to use! Here are some tips on cleaning your concrete driveway without using a power washer!


Oil Stains

Before cleaning up any oil stain, it is a good idea to sprinkle sawdust or kitty litter on the oil to soak it up. It is a good idea to leave it on for at least 12 to 24 hours to ensure as much grease as possible is absorbed


Before cleaning, do a thorough sweep of the driveway and make sure to get the cracks. By cleaning out the cracks, you can prevent potential dirt from running down the driveway when you wash it with water.

Cleaning Solutions

One cleaning solution you can make is by mixing washing soda with hot water.

    • Mix powdered dishwashing detergent with water or just sprinkle the powder all over your driveway.
    • Mix dishwashing soap and hot water

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